Our Subsidiaries and Shareholding Companies


KDE Serendib Food Products (Pvt) Ltd is a highly innovative food products manufacturing company, using ultra-modern state of art equipment under hygienic environment. Offers its customers products based on quality, nutrition, reliability and service.

KDE Serendib Food Products [Pvt) Ltd with a processing capacity over 150,000 coconuts a day, modern gadgetry and equipment ensure de - shelling, cutting, drying, expelling, filtering, Packing to the perfection.

KDE Serendib Food Products [Pvt) Ltd has been awarded the prestigious ISO 22000/FSMS and Organic Products certificates and production is certified with the Kosher certification. First such company to be honoured with all 03 certifications.

The multi faced operations of KDE Serendib Food Products (Pvt) Ltd simultaneous marketing of its wide range of wholesome, nutritious and hygienic food products, has contributed to the nutritional requirements of the nation, bringing home goodness to local and internationals.

Chairman/ Managing Director - K.D. lndaka

KDE Plantations [Pvt) Ltd

KDE Plantations [Pvt) Ltd is one of the subsidiary company of well-established business conglomerate "K.D Ebert and Sons Holdings [Pvt) Ltd, who is a pioneering Sri Lankan Construction Industry in Sri Lanka KDE Plantations is the newest member of Sri Lankan Plantation Industry, with the head office located in suburbs of Colombo. Currently, mainly three plantations, Ranbima Estate [Bingiriya), Ihalayakapola Estate [Metiyagane) and Ruawanwella Estate [Ruwanwella) are managed through KOE Plantations.

Non other like age old expertise in Sri Lankan traditional plantation industry, KDE Plantations is a company which that follows the steps to become top organic plantations in Sri Lanka with committed and well knowledgeable staff who are keen on assuring and maintaining quality of products and services.

With the aim of becoming consolidated on the mission of the company, KDE Plantations is well equipped and facilitated with modern laboratory facilities and accommodation for agronomists and University research students who are keen on developing crop management practices and high yielding crop varieties with less sensitivity for artificial fertilizer.

Chairman/ Managing Director - K.D. Indaka

FEDI Automobiles (Pvt) Limited

FEDI Automobiles [Pvt) Limited is a newly formed subsidiary of the KDE group, Sri Lanka. The KDE conglomerate boasts a proud fleet of diverse companies which includes Sri Lanka's pioneering giant KD Ebert and Sons Holdings [Pvt) Limited among many others. We are planning to expand our business portfolio further by venturing in to the automobile sector in the near future.

We aim to offer a prominent and prestigious automobile brand to the discerning Sri Lankan along with unparalleled customer care and a state of the art showroom in the heart of Colombo complimented with a modern fully equipped service facility.

Our ambition is to bring the selected brand to the forefront of the Sri Lankan market and to create a highly respected and sought after product image.

Chairman - Dr Parakrama Dharmaratne
Managing Director - K.D. Indaka

Solarco Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

Was established by a group of professionals with long years of experience in energy, financial and business sectors for providing "total solutions" to its clients for development and implementation of renewable energy systems with special emphasis on Solar PV technology. Having recognized the national and global requirement for greener forms of energy at affordable cost, the company provides advisory services to its clients to select most appropriate solution supported by simulation studies and also undertakes turn-key implementation of installations of roof-top solar of few kilo-watts to large megawatt scale projects. Solarco has tied up with several world leading companies for sourcing the equipment thereby providing most reliable systems to its clients.

We are confident that solutions we provide would bring substantial cost savings to our clients while in harmony with the environment.
Chairman - K.D. Indaka

equiCapital Investments LTD

equiCapital Investments Ltd services ranges from financial intermediation for large-scale projects and services, innovative and technological value addition to infrastructure projects and maintenance of existing infrastructure projects with the ability to co-invest. We are focused on supporting companies/ investors to get the best return on their investments.
Chairman - K.D. Indaka


OASIS is one of the best private hospitals located in Narahenpita, Colombo, right at the center of the health care hub of Sri Lanka. At OASIS, all major medical and surgical services are available 24-hours a day. Though we offer you the peace of mind that twenty-first century medical technology can provide, our most valuable treatment is the therapeutic and loving care provided by our well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff. We are proud to offer our fellow Sri Lankans and foreign visitors the most accurate diagnostic and treatment capabilities that have been consistently ranked in the top five of all private hospitals in the country.

Your health is our concern.
Join Managing Director - K.D. lndaka


K.D Ebert and Sons Holdings (Pvt) Limited

5/41, Madiwela Road, Embuldeniya, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka Tel: +94 112 834655, +94 114 305359  Fax: +094 114 305109  Mail. kde@mail.ewisl.net