K.D.Ebert and Sons Holdings (Pvt) Ltd as a team is committed to provide quality products (civil construction projects) and services in Sri Lanka and overseas, which meet or exceed the requirements and expectations at an affordable price to all clients ensuring stakeholders and clients satisfaction of all national and international construction projects.

This is achieved by monitoring of all processes with the support of valuable suppliers, labour/piece work-contractors, sub-contractors and by compliance of International (BS codes, FIDIC Codes and relevant country’s legislation) and National (CIDA codes, National & local government legislations) supply chain legislations ensuring harmony with the employees, stakeholders and the environment.

By encouraging and enabling culture, we promote creativity, innovation and knowledge management to continually improve process outputs and outcomes. Actively pursue quality improvements through programs that enable each employee to do their job right the first time and every time.

High quality is an integrated part of KDESH’s management System. Our Quality Management System documents the coordination of processes within our Organisation.

We always focus on our clients and the corporation between our customers, clients, suppliers, stakeholders (Both internal and External) and employees.

Any quality deviations will be registered and dealt with through our Quality Management System to avoid any recurrence. 

Chairman/ Managing Director