Nutrissa is a manufacturer of coconut based products in Sri Lanka. We have a full range of coconut products which are manufactured under stringent local and international quality standards.

Nutible Treeler (Pvt) Ltd is an emerging company, which is actively involved in manufacturing a range of organic coconut kernel related food products for the international market, with the head office located in Colombo, SRI LANKA. The estate and the factory are situated in Bingiriya in the North Western Province of the island nation of Sri Lanka



Nutreesa Incorporated in USA, is an international supplier, importer and trader of organic coconut ingredients for the food industry. We offer a wide range of the finest Sri Lankan organic coconut products and ingredients directly from our known source, a reputed, modern state-of-art production facility certified with stringent international quality standards in Sri Lanka.

From obtaining quality control to finished products, Nutreesa offers a complete, value-added and worthy service to our customers. We always work hard to ensure that our customers depend on the products that we sell under our Brand Name “NUTREESA”.



KDESH Construction Inc. a reliable and professional all-trades reactive and planned maintenance, remodeling and construction company based in Texas.

With a solid reputation for quality, consistent reliability, exceptional client liaison and sensitivity to the special needs. What’s more, we’re well-known for delivering projects on time and to budget.

From our employees to clients, subcontractors, associates, and our significant network of contacts, building firm, resilient relationships is the path to our success.


Crude and refined Oil importation, storing for local distribution and re-export under entropot trading concept.

Collaborating with overseas oil companies to undertake exploration in Sri Lanka.


Our expertise include identification of mineral deposits for extraction specially Sri Lanka mineral and mining of Gemstone, Graphite, Ilmenite, Monazite, Quarrying Kaolin, Apatite and Quartz.



Focusing on renewable energy and thermal for power generation and supplying to the national grid. Introducing battery energy, storage system (BESS) for energy saving purpose for industrial and home usage.


To find export market for Sri Lanka produce to help specially the SME sector.

Negotiating with direct foreign manufacturers and suppliers to obtain goods at competitive prices for import and distribution to government organizations and retail market.

Communicating with overseas companies individual investors regarding opportunities in Sri Lanka for attracting foreign direct investment to Sri Lanka.


Shipping & logistics will play a vital role in international trade and therefore we are focusing on development of total supply chain management solutions to initially enter the global shipping and logistics industry.

KDE Ready Mix (Pvt) Limited

Supreme reliable provider of concrete solutions in Sri Lanka. KDE Ready Mix is a wholly-owned subsidiary of K.D. Ebert and Sons Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.

The concrete plant installed is NIKKO brand, made in Japan and it comprises a fully computerized plant with the capacity of 35m3 per/hour with 100 Ton Cement Silo, located at Habanhenawatte, Habanhena Road, Walgama, Homagama. KDE Readymix owns and operates its own quarries.

Nutible Treeler (Pvt) Ltd

Nutible Treeler (Pvt) Ltd is a highly innovative food products manufacturing company, using ultra-modern state of art equipment under hygienic environment. Offers its customers products based on quality, nutrition, reliability and service.

Nutible Treeler (Pvt) Ltd with a processing capacity over 150,000 coconuts a day, modern gadgetry and equipment ensure de – shelling, cutting, drying, expelling, filtering, Packing to the perfection.

Nutible Treeler (Pvt) Ltd has been awarded the prestigious ISO 22000/FSMS and Organic Products certificates and production is certified with the Kosher certification. First such company to be honoured with all 03 certifications.

The multi faced operations Nutible Treeler (Pvt) Ltd simultaneous marketing of its wide range of wholesome, nutritious and hygienic food products, has contributed to the nutritional requirements of the nation, bringing home goodness to local and internationals.

KDE Plantations [Pvt) Ltd

KDE Plantations [Pvt) Ltd is one of the subsidiary company of well-established business conglomerate “K.D Ebert and Sons Holdings [Pvt) Ltd, who is a pioneering Sri Lankan Construction Industry in Sri Lanka KDE Plantations is the newest member of Sri Lankan Plantation Industry, with the head office located in suburbs of Colombo. Currently, mainly three plantations, Ranbima Estate [Bingiriya), Ihalayakapola Estate [Metiyagane) and Ruawanwella Estate [Ruwanwella) are managed through KOE Plantations.

Non other like age old expertise in Sri Lankan traditional plantation industry, KDE Plantations is a company which that follows the steps to become top organic plantations in Sri Lanka with committed and well knowledgeable staff who are keen on assuring and maintaining quality of products and services.

With the aim of becoming consolidated on the mission of the company, KDE Plantations is well equipped and facilitated with modern laboratory facilities and accommodation for agronomists and University research students who are keen on developing crop management practices and high yielding crop varieties with less sensitivity for artificial fertilizer.