We provide equal opportunities to our employees to improve their skills and competences through training processes formulated after a comprehensive training needs assessment. It is presumed that these employees have had some experience in fields where they would undergo training.

Although these training programmes aim to improve the functioning of the organization, emphasis is also placed on improving the skill of the employees to enable them to face the challenges they would meet in future.

As far as is practicable, we focus on providing in-house training to our employees, in formal training sessions as well as on-site training. Where this is not possible and where the required skills are of vital importance to the organization, the training is outsourced.

As and when required, workshops and seminars are arranged on topics of timely significance such as environmental matters, health and safety at work, training of professionals such as engineers, quantity surveyors and accountants, enhancement of competences of skilled and semi-skilled employees such as masons and mechanics etc.